Software QA Engineer

The JibJab technology team is seeking an experienced Software QA engineer with strong problem solving and critical thinking skills to contribute to our testing efforts. This is a position for a self-starter who has strong mobile and web testing skills and an ability to learn new skills in a fast paced development environment. Can be a remote position.

Key Skills: API Testing, QA Automation, Self Starter.


  • Develop and execute testing plans and strategies based on requirement documents and timelines for web, mobile, and API products.
  • Work with stakeholders to ensure the application meets requirements and customer expectations.
  • Create and execute both manual and automated test cases on various platforms.
  • Verify test case coverage from requirement documentation.
  • Create software defect reports in the defect tracking system.
  • Organize and prioritize testing tasks as needed to meet project timelines.


  • Minimum of 5 years experience in software quality assurance required.
  • Principal participation in the testing of websites and mobile applications for iOS and Android required.
  • Experience testing REST APIs and server applications without a UI required.
  • Experience with relational database concepts and SQL queries required.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills are required.
  • Experience with using automated test frameworks such as EggPlant, Selenium, and JMeter
  • Experience with UNIX/Linux command line.
  • Experience working independently and leading small teams strongly preferred.
  • Must be flexible and able to adapt to changing requirements and schedules.

Why choose JibJab:

  • We have a flexible work environment: use a standing desk, time shift your hours to beat traffic, or change projects to expand your skill set.
  • JibJab is the fusion of art and technology, which means you can collaborate with world class artists and animators when you’re tired of debating other engineers about which framework is the best.

Salary and Benefits:

  • Competitive salary and comprehensive benefits.
  • Down-to-earth, genuinely nice, and wickedly smart team of colleagues.
  • Casual, fun, work-hard/play-hard environment.
  • Your job is to make people HAPPY! What better karma could you ask for?
  • 100% of salary registered at IMSS (as it should be).
  • 10 vacation days since the first year of employment.
  • Gym membership sponsorship for yourself and your significant other.
  • Private Minor and Major Medical Insurance with $3,000,000 MXN in coverage (capped at a cost of $54,000 pesos a year).
  • Medical Travel insurance for any emergency while abroad for you and your family.
  • Life and Disability Insurance (Up to $2,000,000 MXN).
  • Increased benefits as more people join our company.

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